Advertising on the Torpoint Ferries

Approximately 2.5 million vehicles and some 3.5 million pedestrians use the Torpoint Ferries each year.

The traffic is dominantly commuter based and of local origin and destination - either living in South East Cornwall and working in Plymouth, or vice versa.

The Undertaking is thus able to offer unique facilities to advertisers in that advertisements can be targeted specifically at a population which is car-owning, living and working locally and which may therefore be assumed to have income to spend in the local area.

Please download advertising leaflet pdf icon Advertising on Torpoint Ferry [74kb]which will give you more information about the service.

If you wish to go ahead with the advertising please complete pdf icon Advertising Aboard Torpoint Ferries - New Customer Form [105kb] and either email it to enquiries@tamarcrossings.org.uk or send to the Administration Team, Torpoint Ferries, 2 Ferry Street, Torpoint, PL11 2AX

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