FAQ's - Torpoint Ferry

We need to draw a balance between keeping people informed and not swamping them with minor details. There are no hard and fast rules and a judgement is made depending on traffic levels.

What we tweet:

Ferries that leave early (usually due to medical emergencies / blue light crossings)
Any ferry that comes out of service unexpectedly as it may result in delays (see also essential maintenance section)
Delays to customers (meaning you won't get on the next ferry as too many cars in front of you)
Unexpected traffic levels (for example police diverting traffic to us rather than via Bridge)
Other things that may cause delays or inconvenience customers

What we don't tweet:

Minor delays with ferries leaving, especially as the time might be made up on the crossing.
Swapping of ferries (needs to be done for maintenance or tides/wind) unless we reduce the service for more than a few minutes.
Scheduled changes to number of ferries running (e.g. when we go from 1 overnight to 3 on a week morning)

Note as of 1st September 2014 we will not tweet each morning to say Ferries are all in service unless there are extenuating circumstances.

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