FAQ's - Torpoint Ferry

We get a lot of questions about buses and whether or why they should or shouldn't use the ferry. Both Cornwall Council and Plymouth City Council are committed to a public transport network and as such so are we.

The only way this will change is if we get a legal or political steer to change, staff whether management or front line staff do not have the control in this instance. We appreciate that having two bus companies running trips appears wasteful but it is an open market that we have no influence in.
We only allow a maximum of two "In-service" buses via the bus lane per trip unless there is space that would not be otherwise taken up in which case we will take more to clear the lanes.

Out of service buses, holiday tours, Raleigh coaches and other buses and coaches are able to queue in the lanes the same as any other traffic. For this reason you may well see more buses on board than just the in-service buses that use the bus lane, but they will have queued up with the other traffic.

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