FAQ's - Torpoint Ferry

There are two main reasons for this...

We work closely with the Queens Harbour Master and they try as often as possible to wait until last minute before stopping us crossing and please note that they depend on information relayed from the ship, pilot and tugs. This is great for us, and more importantly, you the passengers, as it minimises delays, keeps us closer to timetable and reduces the number of lost crossings. Sometimes however we have raised the prow and started moving before we have to stop which isn't ideal but it is far outweighed by the all the other times it works in our favour.

There are times when we know we can't cross but still pull away on scheduled time so that we are ready to cross as soon as possible so the people on that ferry have the absolute minimal delay. This is usually combined with the next ferry arriving very soon that needs the roads clear to unload. It is a juggling act with many pieces of information and decisions to make but we try to ensure that people catch the ferry they turned up for and have minimal delays.

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