FAQ's - Torpoint Ferry

You will often see a Tweet and Facebook message saying a ferry has been delayed for a short time due to essential maintenance. The ferries are complex machines and require regular or planned maintenance to keep the machinery operating correctly, an example being an oil change for a diesel. This type of maintenance is normally completed with no disruption to the service

The ferries can also suffer from defects or 'unplanned maintenance' which can occur at any time and in the worst case means that the ferry has to be taken out of service for repair. There are over 1000 sensors per ferry and constant visual checks to ensure that any problem is flagged up as soon as possible

Everything is done to minimise any out of service time, but despite a certain amount of redundancy in terms of equipment and systems there are times when there is no choice  - it is for these events that the term 'Essential Maintenance' is used. 

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