Why don't the ferries run exactly to time every time?

We have a very good record of not missing crossings but sometime there are circumstances where this does happen but we are currently running at 99.5% of crossings completed in last 12 months.

We do sometimes run a few minutes late or slightly out of sequence this and this can be down to multiple reasons but includes:

Shipping movements (see separate section)
Excess traffic, especially at rush hours when a ferry leaves when it is full rather to an exact time schedule. This is considered to be preferable to leaving on time but not using the full capacity of a ferry.
Cars breaking down on deck
Waiting for or fast crossings with blue lights
Lots of non-locals who rightly approach the ferry slower as they are not sure where to go
Minor faults or breakdowns
Tides and wind which vary the distance and time needed to cross
Having to swap ferries around

We try to get back on schedule as soon as we can but it can sometimes take a while as where possible we try and keep traffic moving as a priority rather than getting back to exact schedule. We have very little contingency in the system and the crossing is so short that slight delays can seem very amplified.

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