Priority/Bus lane

Use of this lane is very restricted and usually this is just buses (see separate section for full details), blue light vehicles and motorbikes (see separate section for full details). We do have a small number of others that have the right to use it, usually for medically related reasons. Funeral and wedding cars can sometimes get access if checked and booked in advance.

However there are other vehicles that you might see in the priority lane examples of these include:
- Our staff or contractors who are just moving around the site (The parking space for our tractor is just past the end of the priority lane for example).
- Deliveries for our office, workshops and stores that are going into our yard.
- Extra-large vehicles who have requested to use our lanes to "loop around" in order to leave Torpoint rather than risk blocking roads trying to do a 3 point turn.
- Sometimes we have extra vehicles that we can't squeeze on the ferry that has just left so rather than getting them to reverse to the next ferry we send them back around the lanes but use the priority lane to ensure they don't lose their place at the front of the queue. (This should only ever be done under our instruction)

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